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  • Karla Krengel

    February 20, 2021 at 3:25 pm

    I’ll kick this off w/a story I’ll never forget.

    As a rep, I probably have more of these stories, as 9 out of 10 times a designer will reach out for help getting through it, whether it is for an expedited ship time or a discount or help in brainstorming a fix. (This story involves all those fixes. 🙂 )

    A couple of years ago, a dealer in MN called me. One of the project managers had ordered an ENTIRE kitchen in the wrong stain color. Oh oh. The dealer was completely owning the problem & both he & I chatted with the client. Based on the stain color ordered to the stain color expected, it could’ve been pretty easily fixed with an on sight refinisher. The client didn’t want that & the dealer understood & was owning the error.

    Here’s how we fixed it:

    1. Our really fabulous manufacturer stepped up w/a discount on the kitchen remake. (This is why you want to establish a relationship w/a cabinet manufacturer.)

    2. The dealer had the foresight to NOT install the kitchen in the incorrect color. (Here is where often the biggest mistake of all is made when there is an issue. Do NOT install the cabinetry when there is a problem. Sounds easy, right? Install of cabinetry when there is a KNOWN issue – happens at least 85% of the time. Stop this by a conversation w/your installer at the beginning of EVERY job. “Installer, if you see something on the job which isn’t the right color, or doesn’t seem right to you – CALL ME FIRST – thank you!)

    3. I suggested the dealer contact RenovationAngel.com & they bought the kitchen cabinets in the in correct color – from the dealer.

    Overall, what started as a disaster, turned out to not be as horrible as it at first, sounded. It could’ve been financially difficult for the dealer, but with everyone working together, the dealer, the rep and the manufacturer – the dealer came through it okay.