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Four Cool Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on Instagram

Whether finding new ways to connect with brands you love, adding auto generated video captions or showcasing a new point of view, Instagram continues to evolve, with exciting new features that make it easier than ever to build your Insta appeal! Below are four cool tips for raising your game on Instagram.

1. Use a pre-built reels template to create your own reels

If you love watching Instagram Reels but still feel intimidated by the idea of making your own, Reels just got a whole lot easier. Simply find an Instagram reel you like, and use it as a template – just tap the three dots on the button to the right of the reel you want to use, click “use as template” and click “add media” at the bottom, selecting the photos and video clips you’d like to replace the existing reels with. Click “next” to preview, and “done” once you’re happy with the final product, and you’re ready to share! (Note: Templates allow you to use the same music and timing as the original reel, and replace the photos or video clips with your own, but templates are only available for reels that include music and at least three clips).

2. Connect with brands using the “preferred brand list”

Whether you’re a designer looking to connect with your favorite brands to forge profitable partnerships, or a manufacturer looking to connect with designer creators to extend your reach to consumers, Instagram wants to help with the matchmaking process. For design firms, simply add your favorite brands to your “preferred brand list,” and when a brand does a search for content creators, having that brand on your preferred list will move you to the top of their search results. For manufacturers seeking content creators, you can filter your search results by a variety of criteria, including follower count, location and gender.

3. Enjoy a unique way to share your point of view

Sometimes you want to share something just the way you see it. With Instagram’s dual camera feature, you can simultaneously share both your front-facing and back-facing camera views, so your followers can see what you’re viewing and see your reactions, all at the same time.

4. Add captions to your videos

People scrolling through their phones continually, often in public places like restaurants, offices, or even restrooms. Not all of these places are conductive to having the sound turned up – in fact, a whopping 92% of viewers watch videos with the sound turned off, which makes captions a must when you record Reels. That’s become a lot easier now that Instagram allows you to use the captions sticker on Reels to create automatic captions. Simply open the Instagram app and scroll to the Reels camera. You can either record a new video or select an existing one from your camera roll. Once your video is ready, just tap on the sticker icon at the top of the screen and select the blue “Captions” sticker, and – voila! – auto generated captions.

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