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Reel Smarts

If you spend any time on Facebook, you can’t help but notice all those Instagram Reels turning up in your feed. On Instagram, Reels are the hottest thing – and the fastest way to expand your reach and increase your exposure.

With one billion users on Instagram, there’s no question that you need to be there. But as the platform shifts away from being a photo sharing app to one that focuses on video, how do you create reels that will garner attention for your firm when you’re not a professional videographer? Instagram expert and Branding Babe Founder Drea Stanford offers the following tips to get started:

  • While there’s something to be said for shooting engaging video content, if you’re just dipping your toes in the water, simple photos can be used to create compelling Reels. Before and after tableaus are always popular, and are a great way to tell the story of a space’s transition. You can also string together a series of photos showcasing your favorite products, the hottest new color trends, a look at your showroom, or your favorite kitchen or bath projects.
  • The In-Shot App on your phone is a quick and easy way to turn your photos into a simple video. Add text, music and, voila, you have your first Reel!
  • Prefer to create video from your laptop? Davinci Resolve is a free app that can be used with a Mac to do photo editing. Adobe Rush also offers a simple solution for turning photos into videos from your laptop – just drop in the photos, create transitions, add music and you’re ready to go.
  • Since many people view Instagram at work or other public places where keeping the volume off is their default mode, be sure to add in captions so they can follow your story, with or without the volume turned up.
  • Want to get more creative? Play around with color backgrounds and different fonts that align with your artistic sensibilities, or use your brand’s colors and logo to customize your Reels.
  • When you’re shooting a quick photo of a cool new product, an inspiring piece of architecture, a project in process or a display at a trade show, take the extra few seconds to shoot a short video. These videos can be used to bring your Instagram page to life.
  • Don’t be afraid to put yourself on video and share your expertise, talk about your ideas and share your passion for design. While we all tend to worry about not being “perfect enough” on video, Stanford jokingly says, “Get over yourself.” If prospective clients are going to work with you, they’re going to see you anyway, and giving them a chance to get to know you via short video spots will make your Instagram page more engaging and can help create a connection that might just turn prospects into clients.
  • Too busy to do your own Reels? Consider hiring an Instagram expert. Social media brand and influencer management companies like Drea Stanford’s Branding Babe can produce big results without the learning curve. Learn more at:
Instagram Reels for Business

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