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Instagram Stickers for Business

If you thought stickers were just for kids, think again – Instagram stickers are a quick way to make your stories stand out, increase engagement, call attention to your brand or learn more about your followers. Here are some of our favorite Instagram stickers for business.


    If you’re looking for greater engagement, try
    Quiz sticker – it’s a great way to learn more about your followers, educate them about your services or collect feedback about their pain points and what they most want in a new kitchen or bath.

  2. Location stickers can help your design business be found by people who aren’t following you. Whether you use these to highlight the town your business is located in, the neighborhood of a newly finished project or a design show or conference you’re attending, using location stickers can expand your reach by showing your posts to people following those locations.



  3. You might not think of accent lighting in the If you want to give a shout out to companies whose products are featured in your photos (and you definitely do!), Mention stickers are a great way to do this. The company will be notified of the mention, which may inspire them to repost or share your post, further building your reach.



  4. Nothing builds engagement like the personal
    touch, and
    Question stickers can help you connect with followers who might be future clients. Just ask an open-ended question and watch your followers engage with you! Fun tip: you can change the color of the sticker to match your brand colors, or just make it pop more.



  5. Having a big event? A Countdown sticker
    can add excitement and urgency, letting people know your open house, kitchen design seminar, book launch or other special event is coming up fast! You just set the date and time, and the countdown begins. You can even do a countdown to the “big reveal” of a finished project. Followers can subscribe to be kept
    updated so they can be notified when the project photos are live!
  6. Instagram recently released its new Link sticker, which allows users to share links in a story, regardless of the number of followers. This is a significant policy change (previously, users needed more than 10,000 followers to be able to share links) which can be a boon for design businesses looking to share links to their website, blog, videos or other content.
Instagram Stickers for Business

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