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Project Spotlight: Transformative Color By Lori Carroll

Confronted with a dark and outdated ‘90s-style bath, Lori Carroll of the Tucson, AZ-based Lori Carroll & Associates decided a clean and colorful makeover was in order. “As the saying goes,” she said, “Color is happiness!”


Recognizing that color often works best when used sparingly for impact, Carroll began with a foundation of raw white, ivory and arctic white, introducing a pop of lime green as a refreshing contrast.


Lime green tile accents reflect the greenery visible from the large windows that flood the space with natural light, creating a sense of bringing the outdoors in.

Black Eyed Pea polished marble was chosen for the floating vanity, adding visual interest; the color both complements and contrasts with the white backdrop.


With its white tile, shelving and trim, the space offers a clean and timeless vibe, with just enough color to add a bit of color joy and personality.

Designer: Lori Carroll


Photos: Courtesy of Lori Carroll & Associates

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