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Project Spotlight: Bathroom Makes Waves By Richard Landon

When a designer is fortunate enough to have a room with a fabulous view, it makes sense to play that up. In the case of this master suite overlooking the ocean, designer Richard Landon, CMKBD, NWSID of the Bellevue, WA-based Richard Landon Design was working with a bath that had a spectacular view and a bright, airy ambiance. Unfortunately, the layout was such that upon entering the space, the first thing one saw was a structural wall. The design challenge was to refocus attention to the more appealing ocean view. 

Landon addressed this through the clever use of mirrors. Upon entering the space, a mirror reflects the user’s image back at them, distracting attention from the structural wall, and as their eyes move to the right, they encounter a wall of custom mirrored medicine cabinets set at five-degree angles, reflecting the water view. The mirrors not only expand the view and bring plenty of natural light into the space, they also serve as a key functional element to the space, as the wife is a former makeup artist who appreciated the fact that each of the first three medicine cabinets has its own use with racks on the back of the doors.

Landon continued the ocean theme throughout the space, using sheets of engineered stone cut into arcs that mirror the look of “waves” arriving on the beach. He explains, “Each ‘wave’ has ‘froth’ at its edge, composed of glass mosaic tiles.” A glass barn door provides privacy for the water closet while also letting in light, or it can be left open to give the user a view of the ocean. The end result, according to Landon, is “a master suite that truly makes waves in design inspiration!”

Designer: Richard Landon, CMKBD, NWSID, Richard Landon Design


Photos: Courtesy of Richard Landon Design

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