KB Product Profiles: June 2022 Issue

Special Issue: KBIS 2022 Show Products

KB Product Profiles, Our Monthly E-Magazine

All KB Designers Network members will receive our beautiful monthly e-magazine, KB Product Profiles, which showcases a wealth of new products that you won’t want to miss! Each issue will spotlight products from a variety of key categories, including appliances, bath fittings and fixtures, cabinets and vanities, countertops and tile, kitchen sinks and faucets, hardware and accessories, and more. All products featured will also be searchable in our product directory via an exclusive product search engine, available only to members.

Feel free to check out our first issue – our free gift to you! – which looks at some of the hottest products to hit the market at that time. Future issues will spotlight new products as they are launched so you’ll always be on top of the latest, greatest products for all of your project needs!

KB Product Profiles Inaugural Issue

KB Product Profiles: January 2021 Inaugural Issue

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