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KB Designers Network represents a community of professional designers that want to learn from each other and from noted industry experts. The editors of KB Designers Network leverage extensive networks within the industry in order to interview cutting-edge designers and experts who are breaking new ground in our industry. 

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Post-pandemic, wellness design is evolving from a health and hygiene focus to a broader focus on spaces that promote overall happiness and wellbeing. This month, designer, wellness consultant, Wellness Wednesdays Clubhouse host and Wellness by Design author Jamie Gold looks at how the wellness trend will continue to impact home design as we move past the pandemic, and how designers can get ahead of the curve by creating home spaces that inspire, support and bring joy to their owners.

Melissa Galt on Marketing Luxury Design

Every designer dreams of creativity without budgets or boundaries. And that’s just what the luxury market can provide. But how do you attract those affluent clients? This month, renowned designer, business coach and author Melissa Galt shares her best advice for accessing the luxury market, with tips from her not-to-be-missed new book, Marketing Luxury Design: Attracting Affluent Clients, available at


North Carolina’s recent High Point Market was humming with color, texture and a host of hot new products. Award winning designer, content creator and color expert Arianne Bellizaire of Arianne Bellizaire Interior Design LLC shares all the latest trends from High Point Market 2022.

Sharing her Journey as a Woman Designer, Entrepreneur, Media Pro and Industry Leader

In honor of Women’s History Month, KB Designers Network celebrates strong and inspiring women in the kitchen and bath industry as we speak with Modenus Media CEO and DesignHounds Founder Veronika Miller, who shares her journey as a woman designer, entrepreneur, industry leader and mentor.

Maria Stapperfenne Recaps KBIS 2022 And Offers Tips for Post-Pandemic Networking

From KBIS trends to networking tips, award-winning Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer, Certified Living in Place Professional and former NKBA President Maria Stapperfenne of Tewksbury Kitchens & Baths looks to the future as she discusses getting back into the groove, post pandemic.

Kerrie Kelly Talks Trends

From sustainability to storage, design luminary Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab shares her projections for the hottest design trends of 2022, drawing on her background in design, product development and brand partnerships.

Let It Flo!

From opera singer to kitchen design star, the legendary Florence Perchuk talks about her illustrious career in the kitchen and bath industry, what it meant to be one of the first women to break the glass ceiling in design and more in this wide-ranging interview.

European Kitchen & Bath Design Trends

Philippa Turrell, editor of Kitchens & Bathrooms News, UK, shares her insight into the trends shaping the European kitchen and bath design market.

Wellness By Design

Jamie Gold, author of the new book Wellness By Design, discusses the growing opportunity presented to designers who can assist their clients by exploring the connection between their living spaces and their health.

Technology Trends Impacting the Design Industry

Scott Koehler, President of Dream Kitchen Builders and recognized technology expert, discusses how the pandemic is driving new technology and how those changes will continue to impact both consumer and business trends.

Barrier-Free Design

Jeannine Burnett, owner of Access Design + Build, shares real-world case studies of how barrier-free design and accessibility principles are impacting the lives of her clients.

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