HOT READS: Establishing Home

Designer Jean Stoffer has been on a life journey, and in the process found her passion for design. Nationally known for her distinctive and timeless kitchen designs as well as approachable designs for the rest of the home, Stoffer reflects on her path in her book Establishing Home: Creating Space for a Beautiful Life with Family, Faith, and Friends (Tyndale House Publishers).

Stoffer recounts how, when her husband left his extremely stressful job to look for another career, she needed to shift gears from part-time worker making very little money to major contributor to the household income. That necessity sparked her journey from receptionist to founder of an award-winning home design company and star of the Magnolia Network’s show, “The Established Home.”

In the book, Stoffer shares what she’s learned about design, business, parenting and relationships. She notes that the book will:

  • Provide inspiration to discover dreams and passions
  • Offer reassurance that, whether building a career, raising a family, or redoing a home, it’s okay to slow down and enjoy the journey
  • Teach practical ideas for combining work and family ― and how to work in harmony with adult children
  • Reveal her pro tips for making a home a beautiful place to be
  • Provide striking color photos of her classic, elegant designs for inspiration

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