Hot Reads: Small Spaces, Big Style

Post-pandemic sentiments and economic shifts are just two elements driving the rising interest in suburban and rural living. The shift away from city life has led to a rise in housing prices, and home affordability often now translates to smaller homes. Aging baby boomers are also looking to downsize into smaller spaces that provide the luxury amenities they desire without the upkeep of a large home.

Bigger Than Tiny, Smaller Than Average — a new book from Gibbs Smith Books — meets the needs of people in search of escaping the city, giving examples of small-house options around the country. Author Sheri Koones offers a number of explanations for this phenomenon in the book’s introduction, citing economic, environmental and social benefits as reasons for the rising interest in home ownership on the city’s outskirts. Regardless of why people are moving, and whether they’re building, renovating or purchasing something new, the tome is filled with inspiration.

Each of the 26 houses described on the pages includes a floor plan and a listing of green and energy-efficient features, of rising importance to today’s homeowners. Sidebars covering topics such as HVAC, multi-purpose spaces and wet rooms are designed to help homeowners learn about ways to incorporate energy-efficient elements.

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