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Project Spotlight: Zen Bath Offers Luxurious Sanctuary

Combining elements of light and shadow, privacy and luxury, award-winning Taiwanese architecture and design firm Chain10 created a minimalist bath that inspires calm and a connection to nature. The spacious shower and soaking tub promote relaxation, while the skylight not only brings in an influx of natural light, it also helps to reduce the build-up of water vapor in the bathroom. With the flow of time and the alternation of day and night, the natural light that comes through the skylight creates moving light and shadow in the interior.

A window located next to the bathtub allows users to feel the warmth of the sunlight and further the sense of a deep connection to nature and the outside world. The neutral color scheme adds a synergy between inside and outside, while the minimalist theme plays out in the mix of clean aesthetics and natural materials. The bath is part of a larger home project, dubbed Eden Oasis, which transformed a highway-adjacent home into a private, luxurious, minimalist haven designed to foster a sense of calm and serenity.

The space is carefully configured to maximize not just the amount of light that flows into the bathroom, but also the angle of that light. The position and height of the dresser mirror were carefully chosen as the best angle for natural light to enter the bathroom. This influx of natural light allows the mirror to present the most natural appearance of inhabitants using the space.

Designer: Chain10


Photos: Courtesy of Chain10

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